• Download updated USLAW Construction, Retail and Transportation Compendiums of Law

    USLAW NETWORK, Inc. (USLAW) has released updated state-by-state compendiums of law for construction, retail and transportation law, respectively. USLAW regularly updates existing Compendiums providing a multistate resource that permits users to easily access state common and statutory law. Compendiums are easily sourced on a state-by- state basis and are developed by the member firms of USLAW.

  • USLAW NETWORK publishes 2017-18 USLAW Membership Directory

    USLAW NETWORK has just released the 2017-18 USLAW NETWORK Membership Directory and it is available for download now. The Directory includes all member firms listed geographically. Each member entry spotlights the practice areas and some of the representative clients for each firm as well as an overview of each firm’s profile. Each firm listing also includes main points of contact so you can be one click or call away from each member firm. 

    “We are pleased to release the 2017-18 edition of the USLAW member directory as it serves as an important resource for members and their clients throughout the year,” said Roger M. Yaffe, USLAW CEO. “With firms listed by jurisdiction, people can locate a member firm in any jurisdiction in which they are seeking legal assistance. And, whether they are in need of a quick reference list, a deeper firm profile or access to resources that USLAW provides during the year, the USLAW Membership Directory serves as a one-stop resource of information.”

    In addition to member firm profiles, highlights of the 2017-18 USLAW Membership Directory include:

    • USLAW NETWORK Sourcebook that includes a menu of all complimentary resources available to members’ clients;

    • Profiles of USLAW corporate partners and overviews of the expert services they provide as well as key contacts to expedite activation on any legal matter or case; and

    • A snapshot map of the world that shows you the expansive reach of USLAW and where you have access to coverage should legal needs arise.

    The Directory is intended to be useful desk resource for the year ahead. Updates to member listings throughout the year will be made on the USLAW web site at

    Bookmark it, download it, share it with colleagues and save it to your hard drive in order to have it at-the-ready when legal needs arise.

  • USLAW announces Practice Group Client Advisors

    USLAW NETWORK, Inc. announces the formation of USLAW Practice Group Client Advisors, a newly formed group of client advisors who participate within the practice groups where they most closely align. These advisors offer important experiences and share insights with designated USLAW practice groups. 

    “USLAW is centered on the needs of our members’ clients and the members of our Practice Group Client Advisors serve an important role in our collective success,” said Lew R.C. Bricker, chair of USLAW and a partner of USLAW NETWORK member firm SmithAmundsen in Illinois.  “We have received important feedback and insight from clients throughout the years and have always valued their engagement with the NETWORK.  With the addition of the Practice Group Client Advisors starting this year, we look forward to the expanded and targeted dialogue and guidance from these industry leaders – who will share insights and perspectives on USLAW programs and initiatives and their industry and business needs.”

    In addition to the valuable insights they provide, Practice Group Client Advisors also serve as USLAW Ambassadors, utilizing their stature within their various industries to promote the many benefits of USLAW NETWORK. The following list includes USLAW’s 2017 Practice Group Advisors.

  • Latest issue of USLAW Magazine is available for download

    The latest issue of USLAW Magazine has been published and is available for download. Published twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall – USLAW Magazine features articles from USLAW member firms and corporate partners who provide insight into issues facing today’s business executives and legal leaders.

    Issues such as data security, medical marijuana in the workplace, accident investigations, growing influence of digital media in the workplace and much more are covered in the current issue. Articles also focus on mergers and acquisitions, risk management in transportation and what you need to know about autonomous vehicles. 

  • USLAW announces 2017 schedule of events

    USLAW NETWORK (USLAW) announces the 2017 schedules of events that includes two client conferences, practice group-targeted USLAW client exchanges, the Women’s Connection, Winter Legal Forum, TELFA spring and fall meetings and others.

    “We are excited to release the complete schedule of events for 2017,” said Lew R. C. Bricker, USLAW Chair and partner of USLAW member firm SmithAmundsen LLC in Chicago. “The 2017 schedule offers for a variety of programming and coast-to-coast venues that will deliver multiple opportunities for members to network with current and potential clients in a variety of settings large and small throughout the year. And, the growing popularity of the client exchanges enable USLAW to showcase our members and their diverse capabilities in specific practice areas at these highly interactive events. Members can create content and programming or to serve as a panelist or moderator.”

    In addition to the events listed below, USLAW will once again host select networking events, receptions and dinners in conjunction with numerous industry-specific (i.e. DRI, ATA, TIDA, etc.) major events.

    Program specific agendas and reservation details will be available in the near future and posted under the REGISTRATION tab of USLAW Connect. You must be logged in to view the brochure and registration materials. For more information about any of these events in the meantime, contact Roger Yaffe at 800-231-9110.

  • Brad Wright receives USLAW NETWORK’s O’Hagan Award

    Bradley A. Wright, a past chair of USLAW NETWORK and partner-in-charge, Akron (Ohio) office & practice group manager, transportation and retail for USLAW member firm Roetzel & Andress in Ohio, has been named USLAW NETWORK’s 2016 O’Hagan Award recipient. The award is presented by the USLAW Chair to a USLAW member who demonstrates outstanding service and commitment to the organization's guiding principles, mission and objective.

    Tom Oliver, a founding shareholder at Carr Allison in Alabama, presented the award to Wright for his ongoing participation, leadership and commitment to USLAW.

    “For years Brad has been active in USLAW practice groups and also served in several leadership roles, including chair of USLAW in 2014-15,” said Oliver. “Through his ongoing participation and commitment to making USLAW even stronger, Brad has created new vigor in the transportation practice group, inspired others to become more active and focused the transportation group on improving its overall client reach and service. Brad continues to distinguish himself by continuing to lead the organization in a very positive way and I am pleased to present Brad with the 2016 O’Hagan Award.”

    The award, which was presented during USLAW’s recent annual member meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is named after Jim O’Hagan, a founding member of USLAW.

    O'Hagan Award recipients include:
    • 2016 - Bradley A. Wright, Roetzel & Andress (Ohio)
    • 2015 - Nicholas E. Christin, Wicker Smith O'Hara McCoy & Ford P.A. (Florida); Larry A. Schechtman, SmithAmundsen LLC (Illinois)
    • 2014 - Kenneth B. Wingate, Sweeny Wingate & Barrow, P.A. (South Carolina)
    • 2013 - Sheryl J. Willert, Williams Kastner (Washington)
    • 2012 - Richard K. Traub, Traub Lieberman Straus & Shrewsberry LLP (New York); Daniel W. Gerber, Goldberg Segalla (New York)
    • 2011 - James J. O’Hagan; Charles F. Carr, Carr Allison (Alabama); Roger M. Yaffe, CEO of USLAW NETWORK
    • 2010 - Thomas S. Thornton, Carr Allison (Alabama)
    • 2009 - Donean Surratt
    • 2008 - Lew R.C. Bricker, SmithAmundsen (Illinois)

  • 2016-17 USLAW NETWORK Board of Directors announced

    During USLAW NETWORK’s annual member meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Sept. 22, the 2016-17 USLAW Board of Directors was determined and Lew R.C. Bricker of SmithAmundsen in Chicago, Illinois, was named Chair of USLAW. In addition, Ami C. Dwyer of Franklin & Prokopik, PC, in Baltimore, Maryland, was named vice chair and Kevin L. Fritz of Lashly & Baer, P.C. in St. Louis, Missouri, a long-time director has joined the Executive Committee. New members of the Board include Wendell G. Large from Richardson, Whitman, Large & Badger in Portland, Maine, and Susan Childers North from LeClairRyan in Williamsburg, Virginia.

    The 2016-17 USLAW NETWORK Board of Directors includes:
    Executive Committee
    --Lew R. C. Bricker, Chair: SmithAmundsen LLC, Chicago, IL
    --Ami C. Dwyer, Vice Chair: Franklin & Prokopik, PC, Baltimore, MD
    --Jill Robb Ackerman, Secretary-Treasurer: Baird Holm LLP, Omaha, NE
    --Neil A. Goldberg, Assistant Treasurer: Goldberg Segalla LLP, Buffalo, NY
    --Nicholas E. Christin, Law Firm Management Director: Wicker, Smith, O'Hara, McCoy & Ford, P.A., Miami, FL
    --John D. Cromie, Client Liaison Director: Connell Foley LLP, Roseland, NJ
    --Michael P. Sharp, Membership Management Director: Fee, Smith, Sharp & Vitullo, L.L.P., Dallas, TX
    --Kevin L. Fritz, Special Projects Director: Lashly & Baer, P.C., St. Louis, MO
    --Thomas L. Oliver, II, Immediate Past Chair: Carr Allison, Birmingham, AL
    --C. Erik Gustafson, Chair Emeritus: LeClairRyan, Alexandria, VA

    --Noble Allen: Hinckley, Allen & Snyder LLP, Hartford, CT
    --Ashley Ann Dorris: Snyder Law, LLP, Santa Barbara, CA
    --Nicolas P. Jaca-Otano: Rattagan, Macchiavello, Arocena & Pena Robirosa, Buenos, Argentina
    --Lisa Langevin: Kelly Santini LLP, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    --Wendell G. Large: Richardson, Whitman, Large & Badger, Portland, ME
    --Dan L. Longo: Murchison & Cumming LLP, Los Angeles, CA
    --Robert S. Nobel: Traub, Lieberman Straus & Shrewsberry LLP, Hawthorne, NY
    --Susan Childers North: LeClairRyan, Williamsburg, VA
    --Phillip H. Stanfield: Jones Skelton & Hochuli, P.L.C., Phoenix, AZ
    --Rodney L. Umberger: Williams Kastner, Seattle, WA
    --Kenneth B. Wingate: Sweeny, Wingate & Barrow, P.A., Columbia, SC

    Ex Officio
    --Richard Isham: Wedlake Bell, London, England

    Chair Emeriti
    --John E. Hall, Jr.: Hall Booth Smith, P.C., Atlanta, GA
    --Edward G. Hochuli: Jones, Skelton & Hochuli, P.L.C., Phoenix AZ
    --Sheryl J. Willert: Williams Kastner, Seattle WA
    --Bradley A. Wright: Roetzel & Andress, Akron, OH

  • Lew Bricker of SmithAmundsen in Chicago named Chair of USLAW NETWORK

    Lew R.C. Bricker, a partner of USLAW NETWORK member firm SmithAmundsen in Chicago, Illinois, has been named Chair of USLAW NETWORK for 2016-17. The announcement was made at the NETWORK’s annual membership meeting held Thursday in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Bricker succeeds Thomas L. Oliver II from Carr Allison in Alabama.

  • 2016 Fall issue of USLAW Magazine is available for download

    The 2016 Fall/Winter issue of USLAW Magazine has been published and is now available for download. USLAW Magazine is published each spring and fall and content is written by attorneys from USLAW member firms as well as industry leading corporate partners. The 2016 Fall/Winter issue covers topics ranging from insurance to cyber to employment law, e-discovery, ADA, FCRA and more. The magazine also includes brief profiles of Richard Patti of Live Nation and Stephanie Latona of Kirkland’s who share their insights and experiences with USLAW. This issue also includes recent verdicts and transactions as well as the faces of USLAW.

  • New compendium of law focuses on subrogation rights for workers’ compensatio

    USLAW NETWORK releases a new state-by state compendium of law focused on subrogation rights for workers’ compensation liens. Fred L. Hubbs, a partner at Hall Booth Smith P.C. in Georgia, served as the editor.

    This new subrogation rights for workers’ compensation liens compendium answers questions about an employer’s rights to recovery when an employee is injured by a third party during the course of employment. The state-by-state resource, plus Washington, D.C., provides a quick reference for legal decision makers and employers who are navigating worker’s compensation matters related to third party incidents.

  • USLAW NETWORK adds two member firms in Massachusetts

    USLAW NETWORK has expanded its longstanding relationships with two existing member firms to deliver legal services coverage in Massachusetts. Effective immediately, the Massachusetts offices of Hinckley Allen and LeClairRyan will serve as USLAW’s Massachusetts member firms.

    “Massachusetts is an important market for our members’ clients and through the partnership of Hinckley Allen and LeClairRyan, USLAW NETWORK is able to offer clients access to important legal services in Boston and across the state,” said Thomas L. Oliver, II, Chair of USLAW NETWORK and a founding shareholder in USLAW member firm, Carr Allison in Birmingham, Alabama. “Both firms offer a diverse range of legal services and their collaboration in covering the state will serve as a strong legal resource for corporate leaders doing business in Massachusetts.”

    In addition to the new Massachusetts membership, Hinckley Allen also is the USLAW member firm from Connecticut and LeClairRyan is the USLAW member firm from Virginia.

    “We are excited to expand our relationship with USLAW to serve as a Massachusetts member firm,” said David Rubin, managing partner at Hinckley Allen. “We look forward to working with USLAW members, bringing our brand of sound, strategic counsel and our ability to solve complex legal matters across many industries.”

    “We are proud of our longstanding membership in USLAW and excited to share in the Massachusetts membership with Hinckley Allen,” said LeClairRyan CEO C. Erik Gustafson. “Leading the LeClairRyan team from our Boston office are trial lawyers Kevin G. Kenneally and Michael P. Giunta, who are looking forward to once again working with fellow USLAW members to provide comprehensive business and legal services to our clients.”

    Hinckley Allen’s Massachusetts office is located at 28 State Street in Boston and LeClairRyan’s office is located at One International Place, Suite 110 in Boston.

  • Upcoming USLAW events to focus on retail, hospitality, insurance and construction law

    Registration is now open for USLAW NETWORK’s final two client-focused exchanges of 2016 that will feature hot topics in the retail, hospitality, insurance and construction industries, and deliver important insight to address the critical issues facing today’s business and legal leaders. The 2016 USLAW Retail and Hospitality Law Exchange will be held Oct. 24-25 in New Orleans, La., and the 2016 USLAW Risk Management Exchange will be held Nov. 14-15 in Atlanta, Ga.

    “USLAW Client Exchanges are formatted to encourage dialogue among session leaders and participants,” said Roger M. Yaffe, CEO of USLAW NETWORK, Inc. “With our customized industry programming, participants will hear diverse perspectives and real-world experiences, learn solutions to assist them in their workplace, and get updated on the latest federal, state and local laws relevant to the respective industries.”

    The USLAW Retail and Hospitality Exchange topics will include undocumented workers in the workplace, dealing with firearm laws, transgender bathroom laws and more.

    Construction defect and insurance coverage cases are known for having ups and downs as well as the occasional unexpected complication. The USLAW Risk Management Exchange will consist of four separate panels discussing one multi-party construction defect case fact pattern that will be carried through the day.

    The Exchanges also offers an optional –and exclusive– peer-to-peer meeting for legal decision makers. This select meeting doesn’t permit any attorneys or sponsors to be in the room, just legal decision makers from among the client attendees who come together to share best practices, industry issues and other relevant topics they face in the workplace.

    To register, please use the following links:

    2016 Retail & Hospitality Law Exchange
    October 24 - 25, New Orleans, LA

    2016 Risk Management Exchange
    November 14 - 15, Atlanta, GA

  • USLAW & TELFA to host cross border business and transactions event in Chicago

    The inaugural USLAW NETWORK/ Trans-European Law Firm Alliance (TELFA) Cross Border Business and Transactions Exchange will be held in Chicago from Sept. 28-29, 2016, and will address some of the latest trends in cross-border transactions in Europe, North America and South America, with a specific focus on those legal structures most commonly used in different countries to develop business in new territories. And, following the recent Brexit vote, attendees from the UK, continental Europe and around the world will share their observations on how Brexit is affecting and will affect doing business. This Exchange is specifically designed for chief executives, general counsel and risk personnel from companies with existing international operations or those looking to expand beyond its borders.

    “We are excited to partner with our European colleagues to deliver a program that will strategically guide companies as they consider going global or continue to manage the already complex world of doing business in international markets,” said Thomas L. Oliver, II, Chair of USLAW, and a founding shareholder in USLAW member firm, Carr Allison in Birmingham, Alabama. “Understanding the local laws, business practices and cultural nuances are important to the success of multinational companies and our Exchange program will highlight what you need to know to manage business outside your home country.”

    TELFA member firms now have more than 700 lawyers throughout Europe.

    “TELFA has a long history of working with clients who operate across international borders, both throughout Europe and beyond and we and our clients benefit greatly from our association with the USLAW NETWORK so that, together, we are able to address the important issues that challenge those responsible for businesses that operate in multiple jurisdictions,” said Richard Isham, partner at Wedlake Bell LLP in London and president of TELFA.