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USLAW NETWORK to host General Counsel Global Symposium

USLAW NETWORK, Inc. will host the inaugural General Counsel Global Symposium in Jersey City, N.J., on June 16, 2014. The event is open to the first 50 general counsel who register.

“USLAW is producing the General Counsel Global Symposium to provide a forum to address relevant, real-world important... more

2014 Spring/Summer issue of USLAW Magazine

The 2014 Spring/Summer issue of USLAW Magazine, a professional publication produced by USLAW NETWORK, Inc. (USLAW) to address legal and business issues facing commercial, corporate and insurer clients, is now available for download. All content in the magazine is written by USLAW member firms, leading... more

Galaher Settlements named official USLAW NETWORK structured settlement partner

Galaher Settlements, one of the largest providers of structured settlement services, has been named the official structured settlement provider of USLAW NETWORK.

As the official structured settlement provider to USLAW, Galaher services include, but are not limited to:

--A full suite of powerful... more


The Rights of Man . . . and Beast

Steven Wise is arguing for the legal “personhood” of chimps and other animals. And no one is laughing him out of the courtroom.

Ex-Cheerleaders File Lawsuit Against Bills

Five former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders sued the team over a pay system they say had them working hundreds of hours unpaid at games and at mandatory public appearances at which they were subjected to groping and sexual comments.

Georgia: Gay Marriage Ban Challenged

A gay rights group filed a federal lawsuit on Tuesday challenging Georgia’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriages.

Arizona: Suit Over Medicaid Is Revived

The State Court of Appeals on Tuesday revived a lawsuit challenging Gov. Jan Brewer’s expansion of Medicaid insurance for the poor.

G.M. Seeks to Fend Off Lawsuits Over Switch

The company asked a federal bankruptcy judge to dismiss dozens of lawsuits over its handling of a defective ignition switch in millions of cars, and to bar similar cases in the future.

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Notice of rent increase in leases with varying prices per square metre

This article deals with the question of whether or not a lessor – when informing a lessee of a rent increase through a notice letter – is bound by information herein concerning the price per sq. m., in the same way as the lessor is bound by the size of ...

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NLRB Holds Policy Banning “Negative Comments” and Requiring “Positive and Professional” Behavior Is Unlawful

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) recently held that an employer’s policy prohibiting “negative comments” and requiring “positive and professional” behavior was unlawful. The employer, Hills and Dales General Hospital, developed the policy in response to a poor working environment that was permeated with “back-biting and back stabbing.” Employee satisfaction ...

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