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USLAW launches LawMobile, a customizable, one-stop legal educational program

USLAW NETWORK announces the launch of LawMobile powered by USLAW NETWORK, a fully customizable education program that delivers training, information and instruction on some of today’s hottest legal topics, jurisdictional differences and legal decisions.

“We are excited to launch LawMobile, our... more

USLAW NETWORK hosts interactive exchange for legal leaders, in-house counsel

USLAW NETWORK, an international network of full-practice law firms with roots in civil litigation, will host a free one-day event in Chicago fully focused on legal decision makers and in-house counsel. The event – 2015 USLAW NETWORK Legal Leaders & Corporate Counsel Exchange – will be held on March... more

Social media monitoring and Internet investigations

Doug Marshall of Marshall Investigative Group, USLAW's official investigative partner, recently hosted a USLAW EduNet webinar focused on social media monitoring and Internet investigations. In this webinar, Doug shares insights into the expansive social media landscape beyond Facebook and Twitter,... more


In Ellen Pao’s Suit vs. Kleiner Perkins, World of Venture Capital Is Under Microscope

What is really under examination in this trial is the question of why there are so few women in leadership positions in Silicon Valley.

Gov. Christie Goes Easy on a Big Polluter

A $250 million deal with Exxon to recover $8.9 billion in damages for environmental contamination is a colossal mistake.

Companies Turn Tables on Human Rights Lawyers

American companies accused of human rights abuses abroad are on the counterattack, seeking to bring down the lawyers who targeted them.

Christie’s Office Drove Exxon Settlement, Ex-Official Says

A former New Jersey environmental commissioner wrote in an Op-Ed article that Gov. Chris Christie’s chief counsel inserted himself into an environmental settlement to “cut the deal favorable to Exxon.”

Shortchanging New Jersey by Billions

Governor Christie settled a huge pollution case for pennies on the dollar.

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Agency- and distribution contracts: the problem of jurisdiction

Doing business abroad proves not only a commercial challenge but also a legal one, raising questions like: should I conduct the sales myself or should I appoint someone else to handle the foreign market? And if I appoint such a third party what kind of contractual relation suits my business ...

A reminder about copyright infringement

As many people remember from their school days, it is much better to create something on your own than to copy someone else’s work. But where do you stand when matters are not so clear cut, when there are elements of grey, when you suspect that someone has copied your ...

The Swedish Consumer Agency’s review regarding the information provisions for fund companies

The Swedish Consumer Agency has during the year of 2014 examined the compliance of information provisions of the Swedish UCITS Act. The examination covered forty companies and The Consumer Agency has examined the marketing materials targeted to both new and existing customers, such as advertising in newspapers and other periodicals ...

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