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10 Easy Steps to Successful Networking

This is a webinar created exclusively by and for USLAW members.

Although social media is all the rage, NEVER underestimate the importance of face time with existing and prospective clients and other professionals you encounter. This 60-minute USLAW presentation (includes a 15-minute Q&A) provides... more

USLAW releases 2014 Surveillance Compendium of Law

USLAW NETWORK (USLAW) today releases the 2014 USLAW Surveillance Compendium of Law.

“USLAW member firms regularly collaborate to update existing or to create new USLAW compendiums of law on a variety of topics, including our newest one on surveillance” said Roger M. Yaffe, CEO of USLAW. “The Surveillance... more

USLAW releases 2014 Retail Compendium of Law

USLAW NETWORK today releases the 2014 USLAW Retail Compendium of Law, a comprehensive resource that permits users to easily access common and state-specific liability issues. Along with the ownership and management of retail establishments, shopping and hospitality centers comes exposure to all sorts... more


Challenging the Privacy of Statements Made During Jury Deliberations

The Supreme Court will hear a case in which a defendant is seeking a new trial by arguing that statements made by the jury’s forewoman showed that she should not have been selected as a juror.

New York Files an Antitrust Suit Against the Maker of an Alzheimer’s Drug

The state attorney general said Actavis’s plan to stop selling an older tablet in favor of a newer one was an attempt to maintain a monopoly.

Holder Says Private Suit Risks State Secrets

After limiting a privilege to dismiss lawsuits in the name of national security, the attorney general has intervened in a defamation case against United Against Nuclear Iran.

In Harlem, Tenants See a Campaign to Oust Them

A lawsuit filed by residents of the Riverton complex is the latest sign that the high cost of housing has become a major issue for many city residents.

Willing to Sue When Cause Is Yours

A political movement built around restraining the legal system has spawned a collection of officeholders eager to use the courts to get their way.

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ECJ confirms that holiday pay must include commission

In Lock v British Gas Trading Ltd, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has confirmed that holiday pay must include a payment in respect of contractual sales-based commission, rather than being based on basic salary only, under the Working Time Directive (WTD). The case was heard at first instance by ...

Is a loan agreement a debenture?

The City of London Law Society (CLLS) recently sent a letter to HM Treasury regarding the England and Wales Court of Appeal decision in Fons Hf v Corporal Ltd and another as the decision may, in the view of the CLLS, have “serious implications for regulated and unregulated lenders, borrowers ...

CJEU rules on European parody exception (Deckmyn v Vandersteen)

Is use of copyright protected works for the purpose of humour or mockery legally allowed? Yes, says the Court of Justice of the European Union in the Deckmyn v Vandersteen judgment recently. But there are limits. Deckmyn, as a member of the right wing party ‘Vlaams Belang’, issued a calendar ...

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